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Reading Transforms Lives

Being a good reader is central to success in school and in life. Yet reading is far more than simply a requirement for success. Reading can bring joy and knowledge, and reading can spark ideas and creativity that transform lives. Young people who don't read are less likely to succeed, and less likely to graduate from high school.

Our Kids Need New Books!

We seek books during the Give Back, Give Books drive because many city school students are in need of books, at home and in school. Teachers and school administrators tell us that many city school students do not have pleasure reading books at home.

We also know that city school libraries are short on pleasure reading books. Indeed the average city school fiction book is 20 years old, so students are often frustrated when seeking out a timely book. In addition, city school libraries receive one-third the new book funding of suburban libraries. Help us give young readers a chance to read new books as well as classics.

Pleasure Reading Builds Literacy

We believe that by donating books, we will encourage more reading. Indeed, our own surveys in local high schools found that 70 percent of high school students read books to their brothers, sisters and cousins. Donating a book not only contributes to the literacy of the student who receives the book, but it helps them spread their love of reading as well.

Why do books make a difference? Researchers suggest that pleasure and recreational reading improves reading comprehension. Adults who can not read well face challenges finding work. Providing books to children and school libraries is a proven way to help students become more successful academically and in the future.

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